Brodigan Award, Update from Yinka Taiwo-Peters.

Below is a short update from Yinka Taiwo-Peters on the work she carried out with the Brodigan Award she received in 2012. Her work is continuing on with a Pioneer Grant from Selfless4Africa for Photopower Nigeria, the continuation of Hope for Gishiri. More details can be found on her blog.


Over the summer, I was able to use the Christopher Brodigan Award (CBA) to implement the Photopower Nigeria project.

-Duration: July 31st – August 21st.
-Team: 4 executive officers, 20 volunteers.
-Beneficiaries: 15 orphans from the Hope for Survival Orphanage.
-Activities: 10 workshop days, 1 day of exhibition and auction.

-Interviewed on daily national morning show.
-Featured on Daily Trust.
-Raised $2000 during auction to get materials for the orphanage.
-Converting Photopower Nigeria to a registered NGO

There is detailed information on the project blog It was indeed an interesting experience.

Currently, I am working on how to establish a stable leadership board an identifying a beneficiary institution for next year’s phase of the project.

Yinka Taiwo-Peters