Ebola in the News: A Historical and Political Perspective


Lunch talk sponsored by the History Department and African Studies:


Ebola in the News

A Historical and Political Perspective

A recent NPR story reported that the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus has “Broken All The Rules” (Sept 20, 2014).

“Worst Case Scenario: CDC Predicts 1.4 Million Cases in Four Months” (New York Times, September, 24, 2014)


Has Ebola broken all the rules? What do we know about past outbreaks?

What is the potential political impact for Africa?
Professors Bill Johnston (History), Laura Ann Twagira (History), and Mike Nelson(Government) will discuss the recent health crisis.

Monday, October 6, 12-NOON, PAC 002. Light lunch will be available.


Ebola in the News