Yale: “Transitional Justice in the Great Lakes” event this week

Title:   “Transitional Justice in the Great Lakes,” presented by the Yale Council on African Studies Working Group on Conflict, Aftermath, and Resolution
Date: November 10, 2010
Time: 4:15 – 6:00
Location:  100 Wall Street: William L. Harkness Hall, Room 208

Participants:    Godfrey Asiimwe, Makarere University (Uganda) and visiting Fulbright Scholar at Mt. Holyoke College
Suliman Baldo, International Center for Transitional Justice
Rene Lemarchand, University of Florida
Jason Stearns, Yale University and author of “Congo Siasa” blog

Moderator:  David Simon, Yale University

Description:   Two decades of tumult in the Great Lakes region of Africa (encompassing Burundi, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda) have exacted a devastating human toll.  They have also raised challenging questions about post-conflict – and in-conflict – transitional justice.  The institution of the ICTR, the attention of the ICC, and the recent UN Commission on Human Rights’ “Congo Mapping Report” all attest to as much.  The panelists will discuss the viability and implications of international efforts to pursue transitional justice in the region, and will consider possible alternatives.

Co-sponsored by:
Yale Council on African Studies
Yale Law School Schell Center for International Human Rights
Yale Law School Africa Law and Policy Group